MRE (Meals, Ready-to-eat). Meal Kit Supply MREs 3D animation and product demonstration. Designed to last 6 months in the baking desert heat, they can have a shelf life of 5 years or more, depending on storage temperature.Their compact design, durability and shelf life make them the best choice for emergency preparedness. Order online at
A show open for Callaway Golf on the Golf Channel

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Video & Animation Development

We are living in a “YouTube” world where telling your story with motion and sound is available to everyone. Let the Design Department create your next video statement. Whether you are going to broadcast in HD or would like to incorporate your video into your web site we can create a true sound and vision experience.

Video and animation is a great way to help build your brand and it can become a compelling component of your marketing and branding strategy. It helps bring your product or service to life and will promote an emotional connection with the viewer. It enables you to communicate complex ideas and concepts in a simple yet entertaining way.

All clients have different needs and budgets. We will include you in all stages of the process to make sure your video clearly communicates your message while staying within your budget.

  • 2D motion graphics and titling
  • 3D modeling
  • Audio direction
  • Concept & development
  • Composing, blue screen and green screen
  • Digital sets and backgrounds
  • Storyboarding
  • Video editing