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Creative, Quick & Cost Effective

Since 1997 the Design Department has been offering creative solutions, quick turn around & cost effective pricing to customers both large and small.

We are a user friendly graphic design team that is passionate about creating result oriented marketing and branding programs. Our objective is to have our staff work with your staff to create a cohesive team focused on your goals. We are not your friends aunts cousin who has a son doing graphic design work on the side for movie passes. We are not a large condescending ad agency with inflated hourly rates and bloated overhead.

When it comes right down to it, you have a product or service that you want others to know about. We want to help you promote those products and services. It’s that simple.

Let us be your design department.

  • Affordable Package Design For The Rest Of Us!!

    If you are a small to mid-sized manufacturer one of the issues that you deal with on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis is your package design efforts. I see many manufacturers constantly struggle with the choices of how to execute their package design. In many cases it needs to be done quick, it needs to be done in a cost effective fashion and it needs to be attractive. For many smaller companies it’s a very tough balance. Do I hire a freelance designer? Do I hire an in-house graphic designer? Do I higher an agency? Well there are pros and cons to all of these options.

    THE FREELANCE DESIGNER is usually the most affordable but with that many times they can be unreliable. You can’t always get a hold of them, they have a job during the day and they might be a one person show juggling many projects. They may be inexperienced and so the projects might take a little longer as well.

    THE IN-HOUSE DESIGNER can be a nice option as long as you have enough work to keep them busy all day every day, which can sometimes be tough for a smaller manufacturer. You also run the risk of them quitting and then you are REALLY left with a problem. I had a client call me once and tell me their designer quit in the middle of a catalog project and they were scrambling to get it done. You also have to deal with salary and benefits and this can get costly.

    THE AGENCY route is usually a tough one for small to mid-sized companies. With an agency you will get a creative team and sales force that will no doubt give you beautiful and creative results and will get your package design noticed. However the cost that goes with that is usually way more than many companies can afford. You have to pay for the creative team and the sales team and all the overhead that goes with that. Depending on the market you’re in and the services you require you will most likely end up paying anywhere from $125/hour to $250/hour.

    So, what’s the solution? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get all the PROS just mentioned above at an affordable rate? Well our company, Design Department, Inc. has come up with an AFFORDABLE PACKAGE DESIGN OPTION FOR THE REST OF US. We are not the freelance person working in their apartment and we are not the large agency with the crazy rates and overhead. We are a graphic design company that has been reliable, creative, cost effective and quick since 1997. We believe creative, reliable design should be affordable to everyone. It drives me INSANE when I hear about projects that customers spent $$$$$ on when I know it can be done for a fraction of that cost. We know we can do it because we’ve been doing it for years. Are you going to pay $20/hour like the freelance guy you can’t get a hold of? NO. Are you going to pay $150/hour like the agency with the huge overhead? NO. We will give you honest work for an honest price and we will do everything we can to work within your budget.