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Reese Pharmaceutical
Case Study

Web Development

Not only did the Reese logo get updated but the web site received a fresh new look as well. As Reese develops new relationships and maintains strong bonds with existing customers their web site now communicates what they are about on all platforms. Desktop, tablet and mobile.

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Trade Show

The building of the new Reese brand continued in the development and strategy of their trade show presence. Utilizing a booth and two banner stands offers them flexibility and functionality. Ease of use allows for quick set up and breakdown.

Reese Pharmaceutical Packaging

Package Design

As many of Reese’s store brands gain traction they required a sleek look to help their marketing team make headway with potential new customers. In order to help communicate what Reese has to offer we created a new Reese packaging brand that could be sold to smaller retailers and also be used as a marketing tool.