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Buffalo Harbor Cruises
Case Study


Like so many other companies with a long history, Buffalo Harbor Cruises identity had become a little stale and dated. Knowing their market is not only tourists but largely local they felt they needed a face lift to jump start their already successful business. It was time to reinvigorate the Western New York market and the Buffalo Harbor Cruises brand.


Working closely with their marketing team the Design Department re-branded Buffalo Harbor Cruises through several phases. Since they are a seasonal business and already had deep roots in Buffalo this was a good strategy. They didn’t need to take on every challenge at once. This proved to be a much less stressful and a more cost effective transition for the client.
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Buffalo Harbor Cruises Web Development

Web Development

PHASE II - Buffalo Harbor Cruises has a lot to offer. From party cruises to private charters and day trips for tourists searching for something fun to do. We were able to develop a web experience that is informative and easy to navigate depending on what the user is looking for. One of the features of the new site is responsive flexibility. This way when a local CEO is looking for a fun corporate event on their laptop OR a family from California is viewing the site on their smart phone the experience for both is effortless. Higher traffic to the site increased soon after the site went live.
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PHASE III – An integral part of any business that caters to out of town visitors is their brochure. This is the marketing piece that will sit in brochure racks, get you noticed and act as a gateway to your web site. We developed a brochure that was consistent with the new web site but would also stand out in the sea of other brochures. We examined various brochure racks around Western New York to fully understand the environment of the brochure and what elements it needed to stand out. Another piece of the re-branding solution was in place.


PHASE IV – A little gray building with a few sidewalk tent signs. That was the walk up presence BHC had up until 2016. With thousands of people passing their ticket booth everyday we realized the potential that was being missed because of lack of visibility. After a thorough exam of the landscape and traffic areas we were able to create an eye popping “hey look at us!” environment that could not be missed. The results were immediate. Walk up business increased as soon as the gray building was painted blue. Pulling elements from the web site, brochure and logo the final phase of the re-brand was in place. Buffalo Harbor Cruises now secured a cohesive and consistent brand that could be felt and seen throughout all their marketing. ALL ABOARD!!